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KDHX Board Member Overview

KDHX is a nonprofit media organization celebrating independent music, art, and culture in St. Louis and around the world since 1987. KDHX’s mission is to build community through media and KDHX uses the power of music and education to engage and unite individuals and communities. Board members are integral to advancing the mission of KDHX and carrying out organizational imperatives.

KDHX is in the process of implementing its 2021-2024 Strategic Plan and learning more and more how to adapt and grow as we apply our values of stewardship, independence, partnership, integrity, discovery, passion, and joy to engage community and expand audience, to build anti-racist capacity, and to increase financial stewardship and management.

As a Board, we are particularly focused on…

– Increasing our understanding of anti-racism and building a shared baseline and lexicon for discussing matters of race, equity, and belonging.

– Being accountable with staff for developing a plan for enhancing board, staff, and volunteer diversity so that the composition of KDHX stakeholders is representative of the broader St. Louis community.

– Examining policies, practices, and organizational initiatives through an equity lens.

– Supporting the Executive Director and staff in implementing KDHX’s strategic plan.

Through this work, we serve our community by…

– Stewarding KDHX’s independent, non-commercial programming, free of corporate or individual interests.

– Championing a diverse presentation of independent music and artists.

– Advocating for access to music, arts, and culture through our radio platform and beyond.

– Amplifying the efforts of St. Louis area nonprofits.

– Seizing the opportunity to lead toward a more equitable future where everyone can thrive by being transparent about our own journey.

– Staying accountable to KDHX Stakeholders who participated in the development of our Strategic Plan.

We are looking for board members who have some combination of 2 or more of the following: 

– Board experience (nonprofit or for-profit) and understanding of how board service can support the mission of KDHX

– No board experience but interest in a growth opportunity and willing to bring knowledge from other community engagement experiences

– Age; 18-35 and willing to voice lived experience

– Dedication to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging work; willing to continue growth in these areas alongside the board and staff

– Expertise and experience in finance and financial procedures

– Fundraising, donor relations, and/or community-centric fundraising know-how

– Experience in grassroots community engagement and/or advocacy

– Industry knowledge - public media or music

– A commitment to abundance thinking (the idea that our community has enough resources and successes for all to share) 

As a Board Member, your commitment will include:

– Familiarizing yourself with KDHX’s mission, purpose, and values so that decisions and actions as a KDHX board member are conducted through that lens.

– Attending at least 4 of our 6 board meetings per year.

– Actively participating in 1 or more board working groups (donor relations, finance, recruitment, policy, etc…)

– Supporting the fundraising goals of KDHX by participating in one or all of the following activities: personally donating, raising money from others, supporting the donor relations department in donor gratitude initiatives, inviting people to events, and hosting events.

– Actively participating in KDHX’s equity and belonging work by attending workshops, joining in surveys, engaging in conversation, and committing to personal growth and understanding. 

– Volunteering with KDHX exclusively as a board member (holding no other KDHX volunteer positions for the length of board member partnership)

For more information about KDHX board member service, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..










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