KDHX.org is currently a temporary site as we build out a new website. We are adding features as we are able, but some will not be available until the new site is completed. We appreciate your patience!

KDHX is working with Tuva Interactive on a brand new website that will bring you all the news, events, archives, and information you appreciate on KDHX.org. Projected completion date is early 2017. You can help speed up the process by supporting KDHX’s campaign to fund the new site.


Thank you for thinking of supporting KDHX through our vehicle donation program. Our vehicle donation program is handled by an organization called CARS. They will handle the entire process for you from start to finish. You can contact our KDHX representative there at: 1-877-534-9876 or you can start the process online at: careasy.org/nonprofit/kdhx

On the KDHX.org homepage, scroll down to the Radio Schedule. Click on the show of your choice and click on "Show Archive" to listen to the two most recent show broadcasts. Remember too, you can always stream the current on-air show with our “Listen Live” button.

All of our DJs program their own shows individually. You can call the air room at any time to make a request: 314-664-3688.

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